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What is MKGI Chess Club ?
It is a small niche online chess-playing community. When you log in, you can play with other players and also compete against different chess software. Your profile and your ELO rating will be updated with every game you play, and you will even be able to display game analysis made by a strong chess engine.
What makes it different ?
MKGI Chess Club is played completely over your web browser. You can log in from anywhere and play in your open games without installing any extra software.
You will also be notified by email on a regular basis of the progress of your games.
How do I join ?
Just click on the New User link to the left of this page.

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How much does it cost ?
Nothing at all. MKGI Chess Club is completely free. It's supported by: volunteers, donations and sponsor advertising. Advertisements are kept minimal; once you login. Donors and/or sponsors keep this site running which helps with: improvements, running costs, development.
What device is optimised ?
MKGI Chess Club is best played on a desktop or tablet.

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Where are the chess engines ?
On login, current chess engines are GNU Chess and Phalanx.
Want to try the p4wn chess engine ?
To move a piece, click (mouse might be required) on it and click again where you want it to be. If the game is too easy or hard, click on the **computer level** button until it seems about right. Refresh the page to restart.

Just what's inside ?
An idea of what's inside are illustrated by these screenshots. Just register by clicking on new user above.
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

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